Truth or Dare Switches Release Date to Friday 13th

Blumhouse’s supernatural horror Truth or Dare was original scheduled to be released on 27th April, but the release date has now been changed to a more fitting Friday 13th April. As Happy Death Day reigned supreme with a similar release on Friday 13th October last...
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New Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Horror Series The Terror

The Terror is an ice-cold horror based on the novel written by Dan Simmons and follows a Royal Navy expedition that ends in, well terror, when they are attacked by a mysterious creature. A brand new trailer has now been released and it shows the dark depths that the...
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Creepy New Poster for Still/Born

A creepy new poster has been released for Still/Born which stars Christie Burke as a mother who fears for the life of her new-born child. Her fear stems from the death of her child’s twin sibling, leading her to believe that something supernatural is after her...
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To this day, Hammer carries a lot of weight in the horror realm and remains synonymous with the genre after all these years. And despite being fairly quiet in recent times since relaunching the brand in 2007, titles released during their glory years continue to find...
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Day of the Dead: Bloodline Gets a Release Date

At the end of last year we were treated to a brutal as hell trailer for the upcoming Day of the Dead: Bloodline and now we have a release date to share with you. The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 6th February, after being released on VOD earlier this...
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Best Interactive Horror Sites Online

Some of us live to get spooked. A good ghost story, slasher movie, midnight wander through a graveyard, or even scary online slot machine (we found these no deposit slots to be fun) makes us feel alive. These are all fine but they’re not exactly interactive. Let’s...
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Details Emerge for Stephen King’s Next Novel The Outsider

The latest Stephen King news is never far away, but it’s all the more exciting when it concerns a news novel from the prolific author. King’s next novel will be 576 pages – quite short when compared to some of past tales – and will be titled The Outsider. The Outsider...
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Brutal, Funny Trailer for Hatchet Sequel Victor Crowley

A brutal, funny and bloody trailer has been released for Victor Crowley, the fourth film in the Hatchet franchise. Set a decade after the events of the first film, Victor Crowley is resurrected and heads out on another bloody killing spree. Synopsis: In 2007, over...
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Pinhead Returns in new Hellraiser: Judgment Trailer and Images

It has been 7 long years since we were last treated (is that the right word?) to a Hellraiser flick with Hellraiser: Revelations in 2011. But now, we are on the verge of another. Titled Hellraiser: Judgment the film sees the return of the iconic Pinhead – this time...
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Who Are The Top Three Scream Queens Of Horror-Wood?

Selecting the top 3 Scream Queens of Horror-Wood is never going to be an easy task. After all, how do we compare what made a lady scare and panic in the 1930’s to the bloodbaths of modern cinema? So instead the focus must be on the development of the development of...
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Upcoming Horror Events

Texas Frightmare Weekend

Texas Frightmare Weekend is a horror-oriented for-profit media event held annually in the Dallas, Texas area. Guests have included actors, directors, and producers from classic and upcoming horror films.


Flashback Weekend

Flashback Weekend is a horror convention held annually in Rosemont, Illinois. It is one of the longest running horror conventions in the United States.


Phoenix Fearcon

Features the top performers from across the country including the vampire circus, fire breathers, aerialists, contortionists, and much more. MORE INFORMATION. MAIN STAGE ACTS. Fear Con hosts incredible performances that will take place on our main stage rating from fire breathers to magicians.



Monsterpalooza is an American multigenre convention focusing on horror, creatures and makeup work. The convention takes place every spring in Los Angeles, California, most recently in the Pasadena Convention Center.


Upcoming Movies

Paranormal Activity 6 : The Final Chapter

Slender Man

Truth or Dare